“I am proud to know that everyone
who wears my one-of-a-kind
jewelry creations is making
an individual statement.”

Mary Craig
Chief Creative Officer
Whimsy Jewelry Design

About ten years ago I started making and selling jewelry for people who don’t want to look exactly like everyone else. In my search for something that had a unique look and appealed to my love of history, my imagination was caught by reclaimed pieces like antique watch parts, gears, cogs, and watch dials. Using these components and others, I was soon designing Victorian-style and steampunk jewelry.


What is Steampunk Jewelry?

Steampunk is an art form that harkens back to the days of steam power in the late 1800’s, the Victorian era. Authors such as H.G. Wells (The Time Machine) and Jules Verne (20,000 Leagues Under the Sea) are considered some of the forefathers of steampunk.


My steampunk jewelry combines a Victorian esthetic with antique and vintage objets trouvés, or found treasures. I strive to create pieces that recall a long-ago past, but are also as modern and unique as you are.


I love working with clients on special custom designs! If you want jewelry that makes you stand out in a crowd, something special for a friend, or if you have a specific design in mind, send me a message at Contact.


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